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Enjoy all-natural support, comfort and convenience with Herbal AloeForce Soothing Throat Spray. 
Our original Raw-Purified Herbal AloeForce formulation is 98% Pure AloeForce liquid with the other 2% being our unique aloe-extracted herbs (including the oxygenating, mucus-clearing Essiac herbs and other immune-empowering botanicals). This formulation is a profound delivery of all the aloe plant and herbs have to offer with all the plant’s toxins, irritants and impurities completely removed. Our unique form of aloe is the only ‘live’, raw, intact aloe specially processed to protect and deliver the full force and full promise of Nature’s ‘live’ aloe plant in its original, yet purified, ‘structured’ form. 

Herbal AloeForce Empowering Nasal Spray

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