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Zayed Anikulapo



Zayed Anikulapo is a yoga teacher, mindfulness practitioner, meditation guide and intuitive body guide.  She's been studying yoga for approximately 8.5 years and have enjoyed bridging her passion for classroom teaching with her love of yoga inside schools, studios, fitness centers, and computer screens alike. She received her 200hr and 300hr yoga certification from Davina Davidson, "Yoga with Davina". Her background is grounded in Ashtanga by way of  Rocket Yoga, creative vinyasa and gentle mindful movements (a slower-paced class infused with guided breath work and meditation. She has since created the "Funky Functional Flow" to help guide students in honoring their bodies by learning to listen to their body through a playful, exploratory practice. “FFF”: Funky Functional Flow is a creative vinyasa style merging my learning of the Ashtanga practice with breath work, alignment and functionality in combined movement to allow for students to learn to listen to their bodies with an increased self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love.  In hopes that in turn, we can all become more compassionate, empathetic and emotionally intelligent beings.

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